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What is cloud hosting
Posted by Max J. on 05 March 2012 06:07 AM

Cloud hosting technology represents the new era in web hosting. Cloud scales to hundreds of servers – whatever computing power you require, cloud automatically make it available as you need it. In the old days, your business had to rely on one single server. With cloud server hosting, no matter the resource usage, you have access to as many servers as necessary. It’s a level of availability that no other web hosting solution can match. With cloud web hosting from HostForWeb, you’ll have industry leading performance, security, scalability and fault tolerance working for you.

What makes HFW Cloud servers special:

li Self-Healing Hardware

li Scale on Demand

li 24/7 Console Access

li Over 200 OS Templates

li Fastest Storage in the Industry

li Cloud Control Panel

li 100% Dedicated Resources

li Linux and Windows* Supported

li Self-Managed and Fully Managed Clouds Available

*Additional $10/mo license fee applies for Windows based VMs.

The Technology Behind Cloud Hosting

The two basic parts that make up a cloud are the cloud nodes and the centralized storage solution. With so many different cloud hosting options available to you, it's important to have an understanding of what powers the backend of your cloud, and what specific technology is used to make up the cloud that you choose. All cloud hosting plans and services are not created equal.

Curious about how cloud technology at HostForWeb works? Keep on reading for more details about the different components at work in your HFW cloud hosting solution.

The Technology of Virtualization

HostForWeb offers full hardware-based virtualization on all of its cloud servers via the Xen Hypervisor. Xen is a well-known, super reliable solution that follows all industry standards to a tee. We've chosen Xen for its fast and efficient virtualization and the fact that it works with virtually any operating system.

Xen technology allows us to offer full redundancy, guaranteed uptime, live migrations and a bunch of other features that you won't get with other cloud hosting providers. Take your virtualization to the next level with HostForWeb.

Cloud Nodes

As a key component of cloud technology, cloud nodes play a crucial role. It's thanks to them that you are able to scale up and down as you need. Which is why at HostForWeb we've given our cloud nodes plenty of TLC and attention. We've built them with the best hardware we can get our hands on. They are fully, completely redundant. If one of them fails for any reason, another node is at the ready to immediately take over.

Self-Healing Storage Area Network (SAN)

Your cloud and Virtual Machine need actual files to operate. Where these crucial files are stored is an important consideration when weighing cloud hosting options.

Many VMs are stored locally right on the cloud node. But not with HostForWeb. We understand that this practice puts your vital data at risk of failure or corruption. So we've taken another approach.

With HostForWeb, your cloud server is stored centrally, and is not tied to the cloud nodes it is running on. It is also backed by a seamless failover process that ensures absolutely no downtime. If a SAN were to go down for any reason, there is a backup at the ready. While this is highly unlikely to happen, at HFW, we're ready to protect you in the event of any failure, no matter how slim the chances of it happening are. This ensures that you have the most reliable and fully redundant SAN solution working for you.

The power of a 10 Gb/s Network

How does 10x faster than your typical dedicated server sound? That's the speed you get with the HostForWeb cloud. With our 10 Gb/s network infrastructure, you cloud is redundant, transparent and always available. All HFW cloud servers are also connected to the Internet at 1GB/s. What a true cloud environment should be.

When you choose the HostForWeb cloud, you know that you will be backed by rock solid cloud technology. Full availability. Total redundancy. Networks that heal themselves. That's just how the HostForWeb cloud rolls. Learn more about our cloud services (link) or contact us today (link) to get your business cloud ready.

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