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Posted by Admin on 24 July 2003 10:27 PM
Select the Cpanel tutorial below and click on “Watch movie”. The Flash Tutorial will open into a new window.

Creating a POP email accountWatch movie
Creating a default (catchall) email accountWatch movie
Creating an email account in Outlook ExpressWatch movie
Creating an autoresponderWatch movie
Creating a subdomainWatch movie
Creating custom error pagesWatch movie
Password protecting a directoryWatch movie
Creating a MySQL databaseWatch movie
Managing a MySQL database in PHPMyAdminWatch movie
Installing FrontPage extensionsWatch movie

Other Cpanel Tutorials - Xskin Theme

Creating an add-on domain (pointer)Watch movie
Backing up your siteWatch movie
Changing your Account PasswordWatch movie
Using File ManagerWatch movie
Creating a new FTP accountWatch movie
Providing Hot Link ProtectionWatch movie
Using Index ManagerWatch movie
Forwarding emailWatch movie
Redirecting a URLWatch movie
Managing WebMailWatch movie
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30 December 2011 12:59 PM
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20 March 2012 03:12 PM
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